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How to Download Free Tabla Music?

You can download here samples of basic Indian Taals. It includes popular 8 IndianTaals like Dadra, Kaharwa, Roopak, Teentaal etc. which are played in film, folk and classical music.

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Free Tabla Music

Tabla is one of the most popular drum instrument of India. Tabla is known for its peculiar sound. On this page you can download free Tabla Music.

Which apps are needed to play Tabla Music?

Almost all apps that play music can play Tabla Music (WAV) files like Winamp.

How to play Tabla Music?

You can download here high quality Tabla Music (music loops). Loops are small music files that are played repeatedly by music player. To play it repeatedly please put on the ‘repeat’ or ‘loop’ option of your music app.

How can I get complete collection of Tabla Music?

You can download complete collection of Indian Taals from here, It includes all basic Tabla styles that are used in film and folk music. (400 Tabla rhythms).

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Is Tabla Music compatible with my devices?

All Tabla Music can be played on Mobile and Desktop. This is compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices.

Do you provide support?

Yes we provide support. For any question, kindly feel free to write us at