Free MP3 Tabla Loops


(Free Download)


What are Music Loops

Loops are 1 cycle long sound files that are played repeatedly to appear as good music.


How to play music  for long time

To Play  for a longer duration, please switch on the ‘loop’ or ‘repeat’ option of your media player app (sound player)


How to Play Tabla Music

  1. Download 
  2. Unzip with Winzip
  3. Play 

What is Unzip ( to Decompress) ?

Unzip or to decompress is required because all Tabla music files are packed into one single file for download, for example They can be opened up into separate files, with app like Winzip.

Is there any good media player app to play Tabla music?

Winamp is a good music player app available at Playstore. It plays music seamlessly. Some media players do not play Tabla music seamlessly.



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