FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can find the answers of your general questions related to using Tabla Loops and Tracks. If you do not find the answer you can write to info@tablaradio.com

How Tabla Loops can be used?
Tabla Samples can be added with song or music composition. They come in easy formats Windows WAV (16 bit PCM) and high quality MP3 (320 Kbps). They can also be played for practicing purpose. It adds creativity to the composition and artist gets inspiration.

How is the quality of Tabla Loops and Tracks?
Tabla Loops and Tracks are recorded from high quality input and output devices. Studio grade condenser microphones are used with digital quality recording with Sampling Rate of (16 bit / 44.1 Khz) to help you produce quality music. New Loops (Tabla Studio V2.0) is available in 24 bit / 96 Khz in single downloads. They are easily mixed with pre-recorded sound tracks. Their quality matches with the quality of composed track.

24 bit / 96 Khz Tabla loops are also available on request. Please send your request to info@tablaradio.com with your Purchase/Invoice ID.

Are they compatible with my recorder and recording software?
Tabla Loops are recorded with high quality formats like uncompressed PCM WAV and MP3 (320 Kbps) or other resolution of your choice. These file formats are supported by all recording devices and softwares.

Can I learn Tabla with Tabla Loops?
Tabla Loops can also be useful for learning and practicing Tabla. One can practice with while playing Tabla. Listening repeatedly helps one to reproduce these rhythms and bols. You can also get notation for a rhythm.

Who can use Tabla Loops?
Artists, Musicians, Song Writers, Composers, Singers, students and those interested in creating good music can use Tabla Loops to create new music. They are helpful for making creative and inspiring music. A music created with Tabla is easily distinguished from rest of the music. Some of the finest music compositions are using Tabla for their composition and songs.

What is so special about Tabla sound?
Tabla is known for its quality sound. The right Tabla produces higher pitched sound while the left produces the low frequency sound. A combination of these two produces an appealing sound which adds to the quality of song and composition. Tabla creates a unique emotional appeal which is rare in traditional percussion instruments.

How can I get the Tabla Loops and Tracks?
The buying process of Tabla Loops and Tracks is very simple. You have to go to the Shop page and then you have to click at Add to Cart. After the payment process you will be delivered the link to download Tabla Loops.

All your submitted details are processed in proven secure environment with Paypal (www.paypal.com) which is very much safe and an standard for online payment processing.

What kind of support you provide?
Although it is very easy to get the Tabla Loops and Tracks but in case if you encounter any problem you can mail at info@tablaradio.com. Your mail will be answered promptly.

How can I learn Tabla with Tabla Loops?
Tabla Loops are very much helpful in learning Tabla. You can listen them repeatedly which helps in enriching the sense of rhythm. Gradually you may find the ability to reproduce those rhythms on Tabla. It is important to practice the basic ‘bols’ (strokes) first. All learning is a sense of listening and reproducing them. This skill comes with practicing. Besides you can also feed these loops into your computer to play and experiment with. This is very much useful when you want to learn playing Tabla with songs.

How can I see the samples?
You can listen the Samples of Indian Tals from here.

How can I experiment with Tabla Loops?
You can download the WAV or MP3 Tabla Loops. Import these loops in your recording software (or Audacity, the recording and editing software, download here). You can also use these files for practicing tabla, to learn new rhythms.

What are the basic steps to record / compose music with Tabla Loops.
Process of recording / composing music with Tabla Loops is very simple. Here are the basic steps to follow:

1. Download the free loop samples from here.

2. Open or import file into your recording software.

(you can download the recording software Audacity from here)

3. Rehearse or record listening the Tabla Sample Loops.

(About Audacity: Audacity is a recording sotware with basic abilities. You can edit, give effects and export files or publish your composition on cd.)

How can I edit my song or music?
You can read this ebook (How to make good music with Tabla Loops) from here.

I need 16/24 bit wav linear PCM format with more bit rate?
Tabla Loops were originally recorded at higher (24 bit 96 khz) sampling rate. You can get the file with 16/24 bit WAV Linear PCM format with more bit rate. You can write to us if you want Tabla Loops in higher sample rate.

I have trouble opening the file?
There are rare cases, when you find trouble opening file, in case if you have find any problem, we can send you loops in different supporting formats of your preference.

I find trouble downloading/listening the sample files.
If you find trouble downloading or listening, You can download the sample files from here, of different Indian Tabla loops.