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Tabla Loops for Indian Taals

(Full Download)

Hand Played Tabla Loops for Music Composition and Practice


How to Download

The download process is very simple with Paypal. It includes these steps:

  1. Clicking on the "Checkout" button
  2. Filling up the details with Paypal
  3. Downloading the Product immediately after processing the order.


Technical Details

Title - Tabla Studio v2.0 (Full Download)

Name of Taals - Dadra (6 Beats), Kaharwa (8 Beats), Roopak (7 Beats), Bhajani (8 Beats), Deepchandi (14 Beats), Teentaal (16 Beats), Jhaptaal (10 Beats) and Ektaal (12 Beats)

Total No. of Loops - 400 (50 Loops in Each Taal)

File Format - WAV

Total Size - 270 MB (8 Taals in 8 Folders)

Tempo - 60 to 240

Rhythm Types - Indian Classical and Folk

Compatibility - PC, MAC and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and Musical Keyboards

Delivery - Instant Download



Tabla Studio v2.0 (Indian Taals)

Price: US$ 35


Full Download for Hand Played Tabla Loops for 8 Basic Taals
for Music Production, Tabla Practice and Music Accompaniment

Download Tabla Studio V2.0 (Full Download)


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