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About Tabla


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About Tabla


Tabla Wikipedia


1 History
2 Nomenclature and construction
3 Tabla notations
4 Basic strokes
5 Gharānā — tabla tradition
6 Jori / Jodi and Dhama style tabla
7 Tabla terminology
8 See also
9 References
10 Further reading
11 External links


Tabla Resources related to State of California USA

About Tabla, List of Tabla Teachers, Biographies, Classes, Videos, Tabla Suppliers, Video Tutors, Tanpura MP3s, Index of Ragas and Others


Tabla, The Popular South Asian Percussion Instrument

About Tabla, Links related to Ustad Faiyyaz Khan, Ustad Latif Khan, Sandip Banerjee, Prabhu Edouard and About Tabla


About Tabla

Links related to North Indian Classical Instruments, Khyal, Light Music, Pakhawaj, Arabic Word 'Tabi', Anatomy of Tabla Instrument, Duggi or Bayan, Tabla Pages, Tabla Videos, Tabla Turorials, Warren's Tabla Inspection Pages and Links related to Bansuri, Dilruba, Electronics, Harmonium, Israj, Sarangi, Sarod, Sitar, Swarmandal, Tanpura and Veena and Others


About Tabla

About Tabla, Links related to Introduction of Tabla, Selected Videos (Performance and Documentaries) of Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Alla Rakkha (Tabla Solo in Jhaptaal), Ravi Shankar, Tabla Rella (Pete Lockette), Zakir Hussain's Lecture and Demonstration, Taal Demonstration, Folk Tabla Grooves and Tabla Tals

Other links related to

Parts of the Tabla

Tuning the Tabla

Sitting and Hand Position

Rare Tabla Lessons from Pt Kishore Banerjee

Tabla Lessons for Kehrwa Taal


Rhythm Riders: About Tabla

About Tabla, & Tabla as rhythmic instrument from North Indian Classical Music, Rhythmic Patterns, Compositions, Beat Structures, Amir Khusro, Khayal Gayaki, Tabla Notes like Ta, Tin, Ge, Tita, About Guru Shishya Parampra, Tabla as Accompnying Instrument, Riyaz or Practice, Guru, Legendary Maestros (Latif Ahmed Khan, Allah Rakha, Habibuddin Khan and Ahmed Jan Thirakwa), Contemporary Tabla Players (Zakir Hussain, Anindo Chatterjee, Swapan Chaudhuri, Divyang Vakil)

and Links related to Artists, Media, Links, Events, Music Institute, Workshops, Rhythm Riders, Founder, Indian Classical Music, Tabla, World Music and Kathak Dance and Others.


Articles about Tabla, New York Times

About Tabla - About Links related to Tabla Articles in New York Times and These Articles -

Ustad Alla Rakha, 80, Master Of Hindustani Classical Music

Bombay Journal; World Pays Tribute to India's Master Drummer

Review/Music; From India, the Sounds of the Sarod

Pop/Jazz; The Rhythms And Ragas Of Ancient India

Review/Concert; Music of Afghanistan With Indian Influences

Review/Music; The Living Traditions Of Northern India

Review/Music; The Living Traditions Of Northern India

Indian-Fusion Menus: Comfort and Spice

MUSIC REVIEW; West Meets East and Willingly Caters to Its Rhythms and Melodies

MUSIC REVIEW; A Colleague, Fan and Daughter


Articles about Tabla, Times of India

About Tabla and Articles related to Tabla, Sultan Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Pt Ram Kumar Mishra and these articles

Sultan Khan, sarangi maestro, passes away

'Guru Shishya parampara only way to pursue music'

Remember Shakti's musical fiesta in Hyderabad

A musical evening at 1 Boulevard

From drumming tables to impressing crowds

Varanasi - Bhajans enthrall audience in Sankat Mochan Sangeet Samaroh

Sajid-Wajid: The wanted brothers

Kids on tabla steal the show

Lessons in tabla, dholak in Trinidad schools

National award for tabla artist

Case against theatre activist Tabla Nani

Pune - Ghulam Ali plays the tabla

From drumming tables to impressing crowds

Aditya Kalyanpur, the next tabla maestro?

New-age makeover of tabla

Konark Dance and Music Festival in Odisha

And Articles from Nagpur, Varanasi, Ludhiana, Allahabad, Rajkot, Hubli, Mangalore, Pune and Patna and Others


Information on Tabla

About Tabla and Its Introduction, Playing Technique, Skins of Tabla, Both Drums (Kani, Gab, Bira (rings), About Bayan (the left drum), Dayan (the right drum), Types of Wood for Dayan as Qualifying Factor (Shisham, Neem, Mahogani, Banla Wood, About Tabla Manufacturer, Shisham Dayan, Wood of the Five Star Quality and others


Interesting Facts about Tabla Drums

About Tabla Drums, Hand Drums, Learning the Art of Tabla Drumming, History, Percussion Drums, Brass Drum Nickel and Chrome Plated, Drum Skins, Drum and Drumming Styles - Calcutta Style Tabla Drums, Bombay Tabla Drums, Schools of Tabla - Gharanas, Playing Tabla Drums, Tabla Drums and Western Music - Westerner's Interest in India, Western Tabla Masters, Indian Music and others

and other links like -

Drum Lessons

Learn How to Play the Drums

Djembe Drums


About Tabla

About Introduction of Tabla - Dundubhi, Mridangam, Khol, Pakhawaj, vocal music, instrumental music and dance, The smaller, higher pitched drum, hollow structures, black colored paste and others


Tabla - History and Info

About Tabla History and Information, Tonal Qualities, Tabla as Accompniment Instrument, Dayan made of Rosewood and Teakwood, The Tuning Range of Dayan Tabla, Ghatta, Vertical Positioning, The Bayan made of Metal, Terracota and Ceramic, Playing Technique, Deeper Bass Tone, Bayan made up of Brass, Copper, Almunium, Steel and Wood, Heads of Tabla made up of Goat or Cow Skin, Natural Overtones, Cow or Camel hide strap, Distinct Tonal Quality, Sur or Sound, The Pitch of Tabla, Sounds of Left and Right Drums, The Shiai, Tuning of Tabla - Gulli, Ghittak, Pagri and others.

Links related to -

Dholak, Dilruba, Mridang, Naal, Pakhawaj, Punjabi Bhangra Dhol, Rabab, Taus and others.




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