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Differences Between PCM/ADPCM Wave Files Explained
(PCM/ADPCM Wave, WAV, mu - Law, A - Law, How PCM Works, How ADPCM works)

Selecting an Optimal Recording Format
(High Quality Formats, Loseless Compression)



Sound Card

Sound Card Tips

RightMark Audio Analyzer RMAA 6.0.3
(RMAA 6.0.3 is designed for testing quality of analog and digital audio)



Equipment for Audio Recording
(Reviews of Portable Digital Recorders, Microphones)

Tutorial Selecting an Optimal Recording Format
(PCM 44.1 Khz 16 Bit Stereo, MP3 Conversion, General Recommendations for selecting a Recording Format)

Difference between GAIN and LEVEL



Proximity Effect

Why does Proximity Effect Occur?

Small and Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics - Typical Uses

SM57 vs SM58 - proximity effect

How To Mike Percussion In The Studio

Electro-Voice ND468 NDYM Instrument Microphone

Best Condenser Mics for Recording Drums?

Sure SM-57 Microphone

Microphone Handbook (By National Instruments USA)

Home Recording & Podcasting Guide (By Shure Corporation USA)

How to read microphone specifications

Matched Pairs of Microphones


Microphone Sensitivity
(Introduction, Frequency Response, Moving Coil Microphones, Condenser Microphones)


Lavalier Microphones

Audio In Close Up - Which Lavalier Should I Use?

A Comparison of Sixteen Popular Wired Lavalier Microphones


Tabla Microphones

Tabla Mics


Schoeps Microphones
Schalltechnik Dr.-Ing.
Schoeps GmbH


Microphone Manufacturers of Germany

The European Microphone Makers


Selecting a Microphone

Introduction to Selecting a Microphone


Tabla (Acoustic Properties)

Acoustical properties and construction of the tabla

The first 14 modes of an ideal circular membrane: their nodal diagrams, mode designations, and their relative modal frequencies

Basic physics of the ideal circular membrane, and its resonance properties

Psychoacoustics of musical pitch of Tabla

Tabla Freqency Response
(Frequency Spectrum, Frequency Spectrum of Indian Musical Instruments Tabla, Sitar, Sarangi, Flute Frequency Spectra of Indian Music and Musical Instruments, Research Department, All India Radio, New Delhi, Jan 30 1964)


Learn Tabla

Tabla Introduction Lessons


Tabla Loops

Tabla Ogg Vorbis


Tabla Articles

Article Collections Tabla
(New York Times)


Indian Classical Music Instruments

Indian Musical Instruments


Virtual Indian Instruments

(Classical Accompniment)


RiyazStudio combines tanpura and tabla machines in a responsive and easy-to-use computer based (Windows and now IntelMac and Linux via CrossOver) practice environment for North Indian classical music Taalmala

Compose Taal (loops) with Tabla and Pakhawaj (Indian drums). Export to WAV or MP3. Also offers the SwarMala sequencer.

Swar Shala

A wonderful tool for anyone interested in Indian classical music.



Mixing and Equalisation Tips

Equalization Tutorial


VST Plugins

Virtual Studio Technology
(Overview, VST Hosts)


Pro Tools

(M Powered Systems, Pro Tools M-Powered Essential, Pro Tools SE)


Multitrack Recording

Multitrack Recording
(From Wikipedia)

Multitrack Recorder
(Tascam Digital Recorder, Song Recorder, Tascam DP004)



(From Wikipedia)



Avid Mbox 3 Pro FireWire Audio Interface


Connection Cables

Balanced and Unbalanced Cables



USB Connection



Choosing a Mixer


Audio Interface

Tracker Pre USB 2.0
(By E-MU)

List of Major USB Audio Interface Manufacturers
(By Sweetwater)

PCI Cards by ESI Germany
(Maya 44, Maya 44e)

Premium 12-Input 2/2-Bus Mixer (Behringer XENYX X1204USB)


Broadcasting Tools

SHOUTcast Broadcaster Tools

Icecast Broadcaster Tools

Live Broadcasting


Folk Music Radios



Choosing an Audio Codec

Windows Media


Sound Books

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook 
(Gary D. Davis, Ralph Jones, Hal Leonard Corporation, 1989 - Music - 412 pages - About use of audio amplification systems and designing and using such systems for public address and musical performances.)


Software Instruments

How to make a software instrument in Garageband

Create professional quality SF2 and DLS sound banks wity PolyPhontics


Musical Scales

Musical Scales

Diatonic Scale



Download Audacity

Lame MP3 Encoder Lame_v3.98.3_for_Audacity_on_Windows

FFmpeg Encoder / FFmpeg Import/Export Library, FFmpeg installer

Download VLC Media Player


Loop Formats resources/resourceDetail/ 323.html

A good article on prevailing loop formats in use by



Open Source Softwares
(For Drum, Sequencer, Drum Machine, Midi, Rhythm Sequencer, Multi Track Sound Recorder)

Softwares - Freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads Search and Download Software 

!tzalist Arts Directory  



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